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Saturday / 21 May 2022
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Toyota Financial Services rolling out DebiCheck verification

Toyota Financial Services is rolling out DebiCheck verification to its South African clients.

A TopAuto reader stated they received an email from Toyota Financial Services this week stating they needed to verify their monthly debit order linked to their car finance plan from Toyota.

The email, which was seen by TopAuto, stated “Toyota Financial Services is in the process of converting all our customers’ debit orders to DebiCheck debit orders”.

“These are debit orders that are confirmed electronically on a once-off basis in order to better protect customers from debit order fraud,” stated the email.

This follows the Payments Association of South Africa approving the use of the DebiCheck debit order type in the country.

The email went on to provide steps on how to verify the debit order.

Users are required to log in to their Toyota Financial Services account and do the following:

  • Click on Shopping Tools in the main menu, and under Financial Services select Electronic Account Services.
  • You will see the DebiCheck notification at the top of your dashboard.
  • Click on Sign my DebiCheck mandate to get started.
  • Check that all the details are correct and then select Approve Debit Order.

The reader said he was then given an option of how to approve the debit order, and selected the “banking app” option.

He opened his Standard Bank app after selecting this option, and found the Toyota Financial Services debit order pending approval in a sub-menu.

After approving the debit order through his banking app, the reader clicked “complete” on the Toyota Financial Services page – and the process was finished.

Confirming your debit order

Thebe Rantsho, the Head of Operations Business Unit at Toyota Financial Services, confirmed to TopAuto that the DebiCheck verifications are rolling out to South African customers.

“This is to provide protection for clients, as they will need to confirm DebiCheck acceptance to know which bank they are entering the transaction with to eliminate unauthorised debits,” said Rantsho.

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