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Sunday / 22 May 2022
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How much a cement truck costs in South Africa

Fuso Trucks recently unveiled their FJ26-280C HYP vehicle to the South African market.

The FJ26-280C HYP is “purposefully designed and engineered to achieve 6-cubic metre capacity, specifically within the concrete mixer application”, said the company.

As part of Daimler Trucks and Buses Southern Africa, the Fuso brand is well-known in the commercial vehicle sector.

Likewise, many local drivers have seen their share of “cement mixers” driving on our roads.

What may not be common knowledge, however, is how much a new cement trucks costs.

The new Fuso Trucks FJ26-280C HYP is priced at R1,109,450 excluding VAT in South Africa, and packs several tonnes of value.

The specifications

The FJ26-280C HYP features a 6.4-litre, direct-injection engine which produces 205kW at 2,200rpm.

Its real performance lies in its pulling power, though, and the truck delivers 1,100Nm of torque between 1,200rpm and 1,500rpm.

“The 6S20 Daimler engine delivers higher torque over a wide range of engine speeds, and is paired with the G131 nine-speed manual transmission with crawler gear,” said the company.

“The flat torque curve of the engine reduces the need for frequent gear shifting. This vehicle has oil-lubricated fuel injection pumps which inject the precise quantity of required fuel at high pressure, resulting in improved combustion of fuel, delivering unmatched fuel efficiency.”

Fuso Trucks added that the FJ26-280C HYP will be available with both the engine PTO (Power Take Off) and a transmission PTO.

This gives users the option to fit a mixer or tipper body.

“This is a second variant of FJ26-280C, successfully launched and well-received in Southern Africa in 2017.”

“It is specifically fitted with hypoid rear axles (single reduction axles), contributing extensively to low fuel consumption and reducing the tare weight of the vehicle.”

Ziyad Gaba, Head of Fuso Trucks Southern Africa, said they are “immensely excited to be adding another new model to the Fuso brand, built on proven reliability and durability of the Fuso FJ range”.

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