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Sunday / 14 July 2024
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Six-figure luxury flight from South Africa to Germany launching soon

Lufthansa is bringing a new luxury flight option to South Africa.

The German airline is planning to introduce its Allegris First Class and Business class cabins to its flights between Cape Town and Munich, which will become available from 27 October 2024.

Travelling in style

This is the first time that Lufthansa’s Allegris cabins will be made available to an African destination, which will be available on its Airbus A350 aircraft.

The luxury seating option has only been around for five months, making it a significant milestone for Cape Town to be selected as a destination so soon after the service was launched.

“This will mark a significant milestone for Lufthansa’s presence in the region. This new offering will enhance the travel experience for our passengers and further solidify Cape Town as a key destination in our network,” said René Koinzack, senior sales director at Lufthansa for Southern and East Africa.

The cost of the Allegris cabins and what the included service entails will be revealed closer to the launch window later this year.

However, as a reference, TopAuto examined the cost of a First Class flight on Lufthansa’s website and found that a flight booked at the end of October will cost around R96,400 for a one-way trip, or up to R124,000 for a return trip with a two-week interval in between.

In other words, you can expect the cost of these even fancier tickets to be priced north of these sums.

The Allegris service is part of a massive overhaul that the airline is undertaking that will require a total investment of 2.5 billion euros (R48 billion) by 2025.

The cabins provide a generous amount of room for the approximately 14-hour flight to and from Munich, as the Business Class option grants access to one of four seating arrangements.

The first offers an extra long bed measuring 2.2 metres, while another includes a work area.

Alternatively, you can have an extra seat with a baby bassinet, or an exclusive seat next to a window.

Reservations can be made free of charge, and passengers can upgrade their seats for extra comfort with packages for more space, a suite, a privacy seat, or an extended bed.

Another benefit of Lufthansa’s expansion into South Africa is that it will be increasing the frequency of its flights to Munich, going from five to seven flights per week.

This is on top of existing flights to other regional destinations like Frankfurt (six times per week), and Zurich (four times per week), meaning South Africans can pick from 17 different Lufthansa flights to central Europe every week.

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