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Wednesday / 29 June 2022
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New official accessories for the Ford Ranger – What they cost

Ford South Africa has launched a range of new accessories for its Ranger bakkie.

The new accessories will be available from Ford dealers across the country, said the company.

They include:

  • Raptor-style front grille
  • Power roller shutter
  • Faraday pouch anti-scan wallet

“These accessories have been developed and tested to carry Ford’s original equipment quality and workmanship guarantee,” it said.

Ford added that at the same time, vehicle owners must be aware of the risks of fitting non-approved accessories.

“These can have a negative impact on the vehicle’s safety and performance, and could impact the vehicle’s warranty.”

The new accessories are detailed below.

Ranger Raptor-style grille – R4,312

The Raptor-style grille is available to Ford Ranger XL, XLS, and XLT owners.

“Fitment of the alternative grille, which carries a suggested retail price of R4,312 including VAT, takes approximately 30 minutes at a Ford dealer. Pricing does not include labour.”

Power Roller Shutter – R20,090

“Exclusive to the Ranger Wildtrak, the power roller shutter allows a customer to electronically open or close the protective shutter over the loadbox and provides a convenient method to securely stow cargo out of sight,” said Ford.

Due to the “revised architecture points”, the power roller shutter cannot be fitted as an aftermarket accessory and must be specified when ordering a Wildtrak from a dealer.

Pricing for the power roller shutter is R20,090 including VAT.

Faraday Pouch – R260

Ford has launched a Faraday Pouch for customers whose vehicles are equipped with keyless start functionality.

The company said the Faraday Pouch is an “anti-scan wallet” that “provides customers with a cost-effective and convenient solution for preventing keyless car theft”.

It stated that this type of theft is common around shopping malls, where criminals use signal extenders to steal vehicles with keyless start functionality.

The Faraday Pouch aims to prevent this, by keeping the vehicle’s key shielded from external signals thanks to its metallic lining.

“It is recommended that the key be placed inside this slim and lightweight pouch as soon as you get out the vehicle and the doors are locked,” said Ford.

The suggested retail price is R260 including VAT.


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