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Sunday / 22 May 2022
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New Mercedes-Benz EQB – A 7-seater all-electric SUV

Mercedes-Benz has launched their third all-electric vehicle for 2021, the EQB.

The EQB will be available in China and Europe during 2021, with other markets receiving the vehicle in 2022.

Several models will be made available that will be driven by either the front or all four wheels, with certain power figures exceeding 200kW and a minimum usable battery capacity of 66.5kWh.

Market-specific specifications, launch dates, and pricing have not been revealed yet.

Seven-seater SUV

The EQB is the electric sibling of the new GLB range, and slots in as the second-smallest SUV in the Mercedes EQ stable.

It sits at 4,684mm long, 1,834mm wide, and 1,667mm tall; and features a square design that maximises interior space.

Up front it is fitted with the EQ black panel grille, daytime running lights with full LED headlamps, and blue colour highlights that form part of the EQ design.

There are protective claddings on the sides, too, and 20-inch wheels provides a stylish look.

It’s seven-seater capacity is made possible thanks to an optional third row of seating that will allow passengers of up to 1.65m in height, while an adjustable second row makes it more comfortable for them, too.

If there are no passengers in the cargo area, the space can fit 495 litres of luggage – and if all the rear seats are collapsed it can carry a maximum of 1,710 litres.

Practicality is further improved by a clever assist programme named ECO assist.

This feature uses a recuperation process to incorporate navigation data, traffic sign recognition, and information from the vehicle sensors to increase efficiency through anticipatory driving.

In conjunction with the standard Navigation with Electric Intelligence system, the programmes will calculate the optimal route to your destination, as well as keep the battery at the correct temperature when anticipating a charging stop.

When you do reach a charging point with the correct fast-charging infrastructure, the EQB can charge from 10% to 80% in around 30 minutes – while the 11kW home charger offers significantly longer charging times that “depends on the available infrastructure”.

Mercedes me Charge will also let you charge your vehicle at one of more than 500,000 charging stations across 31 countries.

Cabin features

Inside the cabin your attention is pulled to the two-tone seats and the rugged-looking dashboard that fits in line with the larger off-road-capable vehicles from this brand.

“The robust character of the interior is underlined by tubular elements in an aluminium look,” said Mercedes-Benz, as these elements were placed on the door handles, centre console, as well as the instrument panel to continue the robust aesthetic.

Two screens perched on top of the dash form the widescreen cockpit, and are used for all the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) features.

This includes Bluetooth and smartphone mirroring capabilities, navigation, climate control, apps, comfort settings, and critical vehicle information.

Furthermore, the EQB sees a high level of standard crash safety systems installed, including an intelligent driving assistance package.

The package enables features such as active lane-keeping assist and active brake assist, which are able to mitigate or severely reduce the severity of a collision through autonomous emergency braking.

Enhanced functions of the system also include the turning manoeuvre function, emergency corridor function, exit warning function, and a pedestrian warning function.

The construction of the body and placement of the battery helps with safety, too, and an aerodynamic frontal area concludes the purposeful construction of the new EQB.

Mercedes-Benz EQB – Photos

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