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Saturday / 23 October 2021
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All the new Hyundai cars and SUVs coming to South Africa in 2021

At a media launch for the Hyundai Santa Fe this week, Hyundai revealed the vehicles they will launch locally during 2021.

The South African market can expect at least two familiar models during the year.

A new SUV that has never been for sale in South Africa was also confirmed, but with no timeframe on launch date, pricing, or specs.

New i20

In early May, Hyundai will launch the all-new i20 in South Africa. The vehicle is already for sale in Europe.

From the provided photos we can see the new model looks different from the outgoing variant, but retains a familiar silhouette.

As with most successful products, the next iteration only improves slightly upon its predecessor.

The front fascia and rear-end are redesigned, and a new selection of wheels are added.

There were no specifications or features announced, but we do know that a 1.0-litre turbo engine will form part of the model line-up.

New Staria

The new Staria is Hyundai’s first entry into the luxury MPV segment.

It is unclear whether this vehicle will replace the current H1 or simply expand the company’s product brochure.

So far, we know that the Staria will be available in seven and nine-seater configurations – and the second row will get reclining abilities and footrests.

This row can also be turned around so that the second and third row of passengers can face each other.

Several body styles will be available upon arrival, with a panel van trim thrown into the mix.

The main competitor to the Staria, according to Hyundai, will be the Mercedes-Benz Viano luxury MPV.

New Palisade

Last, but certainly not least, comes the Palisade.

This is the largest SUV from Hyundai and aims to compete against the premium German brands.

Hyundai stated that the Palisade will definitely be coming to South Africa, but that local specifications, prices, and launch dates have not been confirmed yet.

Fortunately, at the media event there was a Palisade parked in the lot – which we took several photos of.

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