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Wednesday / 17 August 2022
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How many Porsches and Ferraris were sold in South Africa last month

Naamsa has released its April 2021 new vehicle sales figures for South Africa, revealing that Toyota is the best-selling car brand in the country.

Toyota sold over 8,000 new vehicles during the month, followed by VW in second place with just over 6,000 vehicles sold.

Hyundai took third spot, selling over 2,000 vehicles during the period.

April 2021’s sales figure are a massive increase compared to the same period last year, when lockdown regulations brought car sales to a near standstill.

Only 574 new vehicles were sold during April 2020, compared to the 35,779 units sold in the country last month.

This is a decline of 7,649 units, or 17.6%, from the 43,428 vehicles sold in March 2021, stated Naamsa.

“Export sales also recorded a fall of 12,619 units, or 32.2%, to 26,522 units in April 2021, compared to the 39,141 vehicles exported in March 2021,” said Naamsa CEO Mikel Mabasa.

Despite the drop, vehicle exports for the year-to-date are “substantially higher than the corresponding period of 2020”.

“Vehicle exports are important to the viability of the domestic automotive industry, as exporting remains key to generating sufficient economies of scale and to achieving improved international competitiveness.”

Best-selling brands

The list below details the top-selling vehicle brands in South Africa, based on new vehicle sales figures from April 2021.

  • Toyota – 8,810
  • VW – 6,017
  • Hyundai – 2,632
  • Ford – 2,471
  • Suzuki – 2,244
  • Nissan – 1,727
  • Isuzu – 1,638
  • Renault – 1,432
  • BMW – 1,199*
  • Kia – 1,133

BMW’s sales figures are based on estimates, as BMW South Africa reports sales figures on a quarterly basis.

It is also interesting to note that Haval missed out on a top-10 spot on the list by a narrow margin.

The brand sold 1,112 new vehicles in the country during the month.

High-end cars

Looking at the more exclusive brands in the country, Naamsa reported the following sales figures for the month of April.

  • Porsche – 112*
  • Ferrari (Scuderia South Africa) – 10
  • Lamborghini – 6*
  • Maserati – 4
  • Bentley – 2*

Lamborghini, Porsche, and Bentley’s sales figures are based on reported aggregate sales numbers.

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