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Thursday / 30 June 2022
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New VW Polo GTI – First image

VW has released the first design image of its new Polo GTI.

The design sketch reveals the “first impression” of the hot hatchback, which VW said will be a compact sports car that is “sharper, full of power and dynamism”.

The world premiere of the new VW Polo GTI is set for the end of June 2021, said the company.

“Just in time for the traditional GTI weekend meet on Lake Wörthersee, which is again unable to take place due to COVID-19, Volkswagen is offering a first peek at the new Polo GTI,” it said.

“The compact sports car is based on the new Polo that was recently presented, and will become the premium version of the product line.”

“This GTI model also represents pure dynamism and expressive design – the success factors of the GTI concept.”

Front-wheel drive

VW stated that the new Polo GTI will continue the legacy of the “high-torque, front-wheel drive” model range, with a dynamically-tuned sports chassis and expressive design.

It added the car will fulfill the promise of “exceptional driving dynamics in combination with exceptional everyday usability”.

The current VW Polo GTI available in South Africa was introduced to the country in 2020, and has a starting price of R453,700.

It features a 2.0-litre, turbocharged engine which produces 147kW and 320Nm – along with a claimed average fuel consumption of 5.9-litres per 100km.

An automatic gearbox drives the front wheels of the car, which offers a level of practicality thanks to its hatchback design – including four doors and a boot.

VW Polo GTI – Design Image

A high-resolution design image of the new VW Polo GTI is below. Click on the image to enlarge it.


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