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Wednesday / 29 June 2022
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Ford Shelby Super Snake orders now open – Pricing and details

Shelby South Africa has opened the order book for the new Shelby Super Snake, a heavily-modified version of the Ford Mustang 5.0 GT.

“Ready for 2021 are a set of new upgrades which have been formulated to further sharpen the Mustang’s presence while adding more levels of premium refinement beneath the skin,” said the company.

Alongside the Super Snake coupe comes an ultra-rare convertible variant, called the Shelby Speedster.

Powerful engine

The 2021 Super Snake benefits from the latest generation 5.0-litre, V8 engine from Ford, with an added Whipple supercharger, ECU tuning, and “other performance parts”, said the company.

A completely new cooling system is fitted, too, as well as a full Borla exhaust system to enhance the V8 symphony.

At the end of the process, the Super Snake generates 615kW of power and sprints from 0-100km/h in 3.5 seconds.

The Shelby track handling package will then see 20-inch forged aluminium wheels and red brake calipers installed.

Aggressive look

The standard Mustang look is vastly improved in this Super Snake incarnation, thanks to widebody fenders, a Shelby Signature steel hood, a rear spoiler, louvred quarter windows, and an exclusive tail panel and diffuser.

“Optional Super Snake badging and striping rounds off the look,” said Ford.

The interior was next in line to receive the Shelby treatment, and is filled with Shelby floor mats and door sills, a new instrument cluster and gauges, and Carroll Shelby Mustang numbering on the front fascia.

This number will signify the chassis code for the vehicle, and will be documented in the official Shelby registry.

“A more extreme interior option and one that saves some weight is to have the rear seat removed and a harness bar put in its place,” said the company.

Super Snake Speedster

The Speedster edition of the new car removes the roof of the Super Snake model, and replaces it with a hard-top tonneau system.

It is treated to unique badging, striping, floor mats, and door sills – and is limited to only 25 units worldwide.


Both the Shelby Super Snake coupe and Shelby Speedster are now available to order in South Africa, at the following prices:

  • Shelby Super Snake – R1,575,400 – excludes the price of the base vehicle.
  • Shelby Super Snake Speedster – R1,635,000 – excludes the price of the base vehicle.

The Ford Mustang 5.0 GT has a South African starting price of R1,044,200.

The Shelby Super Snake conversion is also available on Ford Mustang models from 2019 onwards, the company told TopAuto.

Shelby Super Snake – Photos

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