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Wednesday / 10 August 2022
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Awesome photos of the new McLaren 765LT Spider

The new McLaren 765LT Spider has been unveiled – and it’s absolutely breathtaking.

It features an electrically-operated roof that goes down in 11 seconds at speeds of up to 50km/h, and a redesigned transmission that offers 15% quicker shifts than the 720S Spider – resulting in it being the fastest-accelerating convertible McLaren on the market.

Only 765 units of this convertible longtail (LT) will be sold, with each vehicle being built to its buyer’s personal specifications.

What you need to know

The McLaren 765LT Spider is powered by a 4.0-litre, V8, twin-turbocharged engine that generates 563kW at 7,500rpm and 800Nm at 5,500rpm – paired with a seven-speed sequential shift transmission with Comfort, Sport, and Track drive modes.

This means that, at a dry weight of 1,388kg, the 765LT Spider has the best power-to-weight ratio in the convertible segment, said McLaren.

The result:

  • 0-100km/h – 2.8 seconds
  • 0-200km/h – 7.2 seconds
  • 0-300km/h – 19.3 seconds
  • Quarter mile – 10 seconds
  • 100-0km/h – 29.5 metres
  • Top speed – 330km/h

In addition, a redeveloped carbon monocoque keeps weight distribution even and body rigidity extremely high, while saving 80kg over the model it is based on.

At the rear, the wing features a recess that improves visibility while acting as an air brake at high speeds.

This is also where you’ll find the supercar’s quad-exhaust layout that is able to spit fire with the right driver behind the wheel.

Inside, the McLaren 765LT Spider mimics the cabin of the 765LT coupe – with only a carbon fibre upper trim setting the vehicles apart.

The cockpit features a heavy dose of Alcantara, a slim 8-inch infotainment display, and a digital instrument cluster that can be hidden in Track mode.

Its racing genes shine through thanks to a streamlined carbon fibre steering wheel that has no buttons on it, and an electrically-operated rear window that makes the exhaust note extra loud.

Cabin comforts in this supercar come in the form of Bluetooth, 150 litres of storage space, and an optional 360-degree camera-based park assist programme.

A nose lift system can also be installed as a no-cost extra to keep the front bumper clean of scratches.

In the spirit of saving an additional 1.5kg, the 765LT Spider does not come with a sound system as standard – but rest assured that this four-speaker layout can be selected as a no-cost extra.

The 765LT Spider then measures 57mm longer than the 720S – at 4,600mm long, 1,930mm wide, and 1,193mm tall, with a ground clearance of 99mm.


The Mclaren 765LT Spider has a European starting price of £310,500 (R6,371,392).

The vehicle is now available to order from dealerships worldwide, with all build slots for 2021 sold out.

McLaren 765LT Spider

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