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Thursday / 19 May 2022
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Red-Lined Revo – The South African rally car taking on the Dakar

The latest rally vehicle to come out of South Africa is the Red-Lined Revo from Red-Lined International – a Gauteng-based builder of FIA-spec 4×4 race cars.

The Revo is built to the latest FIA T1.1 class specifications for petrol 4×4 race vehicles and will compete in the FIA World Cup Cross Country Series – which includes the Dakar Rally.

Although its silhouette might echo that of a traditional bakkie design, the Revo is anything but normal.

The details

The FIA T1.1 class specifications, according to which the Revo was built, mean the bakkie design could be totally optimised for aerodynamics, weight distribution, handling, and maintenance, said Red-Lined.

The Revo is a manufacturer-independent vehicle, and custom-built with a mid-mounted, naturally-aspirated, 5.0-litre, V8 engine – complete with a dual-radiator system.

Power to the wheels is handled by a six-speed Sadev sequential gearbox, and a strong all-wheel drive system provides off-road traction.

The 4×4 also features an enormous Powerbrake braking system, which is water-cooled, and on-the-fly repairs are made easier thanks to an integrated hydraulic jack system.

However, what truly sets this car apart from those that came before it is its fully-independent suspension system – featuring 280mm of travel and dual dampers at every corner.

Red-Lined at the Dakar

The racing teams running Red-Lined vehicles have been some of the most successful competitors in the Dakar, with 123 stage finishes out of 128 starts, and 8 out of 10 successful finishes.

The success of the build programme is evident in that Red-Lined International is the second-largest producer of these vehicles by volume.

To date, Red-Lined cars have also finished every World Cup event they have been entered in, as well as the longer Africa Eco Race, the Silkway, and Taklimakan Rallies in Russia and China.

It is no surprise then that reliability is a high priority for the local engineering team.

Red-Lined Revo

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