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Wednesday / 10 August 2022
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Good news for South Africans who have an expired driver’s licence

The South African Insurance Association (SAIA) has stated that motorists with an expired driver’s licence card will not automatically have an insurance claim rejected in the event of an accident.

SAIA said it has received multiple queries from motorists about the impact an expired driver’s licence card or vehicle licence disc will have on a potential insurance claim.

This follows the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and problematic online eNatis system on people renewing their licences.

“In short, drivers can take comfort in the fact that an insurer will not automatically reject a claim where a licence has expired,” said the association.

“This matter is particularly relevant when there are backlogs or delays in getting appointments at drivers licence testing centres.”

It stated that insurance companies follow the guidance of the Ombudsman for Short-term Insurance, which has ruled that insurers “should not refuse to entertain the claim if the driver’s licence or licence disc has expired”.

“To determine an equitable outcome, the insurer would need to demonstrate prejudice because of the failure to be in possession of a valid licence, therefore materiality is a critical factor for consideration.”

The association stated, however, that drivers must contact their insurance company or broker to let them know if they are experiencing difficulties in renewing their driver’s or vehicle licence.

Cannot book online

The problem of being unable to renew a driver’s licence card has been particularly relevant in Gauteng, where residents must use the eNatis online booking system to schedule a renewal appointment.

This system has been plagued with problems since inception and many drivers are not able to book a slot.

Tests by TopAuto revealed that when going online to book a renewal appointment, users are greeted by a “0 slots available” message across all driving licence testing centres in the province.

This lack of open slots was so severe in March that the Road Traffic Management Corporation was facing strike action from driving schools in the province as a result.

Allegations that individuals and organisations are manipulating the system and selling slots have also been raised, and in May it was revealed that companies – with teams of people working for them – are booking up driver’s licence renewal slots and selling them.


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