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Thursday / 20 January 2022
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Updated car licence fees proposed – Have your say

South Africa’s Department of Transport is looking at introducing updated fees for vehicle and driver’s licences.

This is according to a report by BusinessTech, which stated that Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula published the proposed fees in a government gazette released on Friday, 3 September.

The proposed fees are now open for public comment, added the report.

“The Minister of Transport intends to amend the Road Traffic Management Corporation Regulations, 2007 by revoking the regulations published in Government Notice No. R.386 of 30 April 2007, with the following schedule hereby published for public comments,” stated the gazette.

“All interested parties who have any comments to the proposed amendments are called upon to submit such comments to the Director General within 30 days from the date of publication.”

The comment cut-off date is Sunday, 3 October.

Annual increases

The government gazette also made provision for annual increases of licensing fees.

“The Minister may, subject to the provisions of sub regulation (2) and with the concurrence of the Minister of Finance and subject to the provisions of Section 12(j) of the Act, increase the transaction fees and other fees set out in Schedule 1 on an annual basis.”

“The increase and/or adjustment of any administrative fees, fines and/or administrative penalties as prescribed in any other legislation, shall be determined in the manner as prescribed by any such other legislation.”

Fees table

The table below details the licencing fees listed in the government gazette.

It must be noted that certain fees, such as the Transaction Fee of R72, are currently in place and already being paid for by local motorists.


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