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Thursday / 19 May 2022
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New way to renew and pay for your car licence disc online

The Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has launched a payment gateway that will allow South African motorists to register, renew, and pay for their licence discs through the NaTIS online platform.

The RTMC said that over 2.4 million motorists renew their licence discs every year and this new payment gateway, which is enabled by FNB, will allow them to save time and money by avoiding queues, fines, and penalties for late renewals.

The announcement of the new gateway was made on 11 October and reported on by BusinessTech.

How it works

Motorists looking to renew their vehicle licence using the payment gateway will be required to login to the NaTIS online platform.

From there, the applicable province where you want to perform the renewal must be selected. Thereafter the “View Motor Renewals” shortcut will be available on the NaTIS homescreen.

Selecting the option takes motorists to a page where they are required to fill in the details of the person or business that is attempting to renew the vehicle licence.

Upon completion, motorists have to select the particular licence disc that they want to get renewed, and then follow the onscreen prompts to the online payment gateway.

Once the payment has been made, they can either get the new licence printed at the nearest driver’s licence testing centre (DLTC) or have it delivered via courier or post.

Choosing the courier option will incur an additional fee of R99.

Online fees

The fees payable to the RTMC when renewing your driver’s licence online were recently updated, and are open to the public for comment until early November.

The new fees are meant to pay for a variety of online services provided by the RTMC and the NaTIS system, including the licensing and registration of a new vehicle, change of ownership of a vehicle, and online renewals of driving licence cards.

In addition, the South African Post Office announced that it is working on a mobile application that will allow motorists to update their vehicle licences from their smartphones.

This app is expected to roll out before the end of October.


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