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Wednesday / 8 December 2021
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BMW app will tell you when your tyres need to be changed

BMW is updating the My BMW App to include new features for users.

Two standout new features coming to the app are:

  • Tyre Pressure Indicator
  • Digital Tyre Diagnosis

The Tyre Pressure Indicator gives a vehicle owner the ability to check the pressure of their tyres from the app.

“As additional information, the user is given the recommended values for each axle,” said BMW.

“The user can thus check from the comfort of their own home whether the current tyre inflation pressures of the vehicle are correct.”

The Digital Tyre Diagnosis then uses a “cloud-based algorithm” along with the tyre pressure monitoring system to detect pressure losses in a vehicle’s tyres.

“Any loss of pressure is indicated to the driver by the My BMW App, along with recommended action.”

BMW added that “statistical information and AI methods” can be used to make predictions about the wear of the vehicle’s tyres.

Using this data, a forecast can be made about the remaining service life of the tyres – until the recommended minimum tread depth is reached.

The Digital Tyre Diagnosis will be available first in the BMW iX and BMW i4 models.

“An expansion to a wide range of models will follow. The roll-out will take place step-by-step. The function will already be available from 11 November in Germany, the United Kingdom, Norway, the USA, and Canada.”

Additional functions

BMW stated that the tyre pressure features of the My BMW App will work alongside more services coming to the app.

This includes:

  • BMW Digital Key Plus: unlock, start, and lock the vehicle without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket.The BMW Digital Key Plus is provided for the Apple iPhone and can be passed on to five other users.
  • Remote Theft Recorder: informs you by push notification if the vehicle’s alarm system is activated. If an alarm is triggered, the vehicle cameras record images of the entire environment and the vehicle interior.
  • Calendar Locations: synchronise your calendar, including the list of planned journeys, with the My BMW App.
  • Demo Mode: enables the use of the My BMW App with various BMW demo models.



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