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Tuesday / 28 June 2022
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Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS – Starting at R2.5 million

Porsche has unveiled the 718 Cayman GT4 RS, the new flagship of the 718 range that “redefines driving pleasure”.

This compact track weapon is fitted with the flat-six engine from its bigger brother – the 911 GT3 – tuned to produce 368kW and 450Nm in a package that weighs 1,415kg.

Thanks to the mid-mounted engine, modified chassis, and tweaked body panels the GT4 RS is the “king of the compact mid-engined range” – beating the previous range-topping GT4 by more than 23 seconds around the Nürburgring Nordschleife, said Porsche.

What’s new

The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS is designed for “maximum driving pleasure” and sees the 4.0-litre, six-cylinder, naturally-aspirated petrol engine from the 911 GT3 fitted.

The motor pairs only to a seven-speed automatic PDK gearbox and rockets the GT4 RS to 100km/h in 3.4 seconds – and to a top speed of 315km/h.

This is a 0.5-second and 13km/h improvement over the 718 GT4.

Apart from the brutish engine, the GT4 RS gets a host of exterior appointments that not only makes it look more aggressive, but that also serve a purpose.

It features new air intakes behind the side windows which “improve both the intake airflow and, at the same time, create a thrilling intake noise right next to the occupants’ ears,” said Porsche.

It also weighs 35kg less than the GT4 due to the use of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) for the bonnet and front wings; less insulation material; and lightweight glass, carpets, and door panels.

“Textile opening loops [door handles] and nets on the storage compartments complete the quest to eliminate every superfluous gram.”

Additionally, the GT4 RS features a new fixed rear wing with a swan-neck attachment. This means the wing’s supports are fixed on the top rather than the bottom of the wing.

This “highly efficient wing principle” was first introduced on the 911 RSR GT racing car and found its way to the company’s high-performance road cars in time.

The wing, in combination with a 30mm lower ride height, optimised underbody paneling, new front lip, and adjustable front diffuser results in the GT4 RS creating 25% more downforce than the GT4.

The “circuit-ready” chassis then gains an RS-specific shock absorber setup and modified springs and anti-roll bar rates.

Weissach Package

The optional Weissach package is also available on the GT4 RS, which takes weight savings to the extreme.

The package sees the hood, air intakes, airbox cover, exterior mirror covers, and rear wing finished in a carbon weave.

A titanium roll cage is also fitted inside, with the dashboard upholstered in Race-Tex material to enhance the athletic atmosphere.

The Weissach package comes with 20-inch forged aluminium wheels as standard, with 20-inch forged magnesium wheels available at an additional cost.

“The titanium tailpipes [on the Weissach] look similar to the exhaust system on the Porsche 935,” said Porsche.


The Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS has a South African starting price of R2,507,000.

This includes a 3-year/100,000km DrivePlan Maintenance Agreement.

First deliveries of the new Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS are expected to commence in the second quarter of 2022.

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Weissach

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