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Wednesday / 29 June 2022
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Best-selling car brands in South Africa

For December 2021, Toyota was the best-selling vehicle brand in South Africa – garnering a total of 9,580 new sales in the local market.

VW followed in second, with Hyundai taking third – a spot that Suzuki held the month before.

This is according to Naamsa’s New Vehicle Sales statistics for December 2021.

The numbers

During December 2021, new vehicle sales in South Africa declined by 1,302 units (3.5%) compared to the same month in 2020, to 35,948 units.

The passenger vehicle market increased its year-on-year performance by 1.7%, while the light commercial vehicle segment that includes bakkies declined by 16.6%.

Sales of medium commercial vehicles also increased by 17.5%, while sales for heavy commercial vehicles and buses were down by 0.7%.

However, export sales far outpaced that of the previous year – reflecting an overall gain of 3,487 units (19.4%) to a total of 21,430 units exported in December 2021.

Out of the total reported new vehicle sales, an estimated 92.2% represented dealer sales, 4.9% represented sales to the vehicle rental industry, 1.9% represented sales to the government, and 1.0% represented industry corporate fleets.

Best-selling brands

As with the year-on-year dip in sales in December 2021, there was a month-on-month dip when compared to November 2021.

This can be seen in nearly every manufacturer’s figures, with the leading brands experiencing decreased sales in December when compared to one month before.

Following Toyota, VW, and Hyundai, Nissan moved from fifth to fourth, and Ford from sixth to fifth – with Suzuki now sitting in sixth place.

Seventh place in December was occupied by Kia, swapping places with Isuzu which now sits in ninth. Renault remains unmoved at eighth.

Haval took the tenth and final spot for the best-selling car brand in December, as it did in November.

Detailed below are the best-selling car brands in South Africa in December 2021.

Click on the underlined names for more information.

10. Haval – 1,453 units

9. Isuzu – 1,481 units

8. Renault – 1,758 units

7. Kia – 1,862 units

6. Suzuki – 2,102 units

5. Ford – 2,181 units

4. Nissan – 2,417 units

3. Hyundai – 2,892 units

2. VW – 5,131 units

1. Toyota – 9,580 units

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