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Friday / 27 May 2022
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Updated driver’s licence renewal fees – How much you will pay

South Africa’s Department of Transport has gazetted updated fees for online licence renewals and related services.

As reported by MyBroadband, the updated fees come after Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula said the new Natis system was “coming soon”.

The Natis system will offer a range of services to motorists online, including the renewal of vehicle licence discs and driver’s licence cars.

The updated fees listed in the gazette are detailed below.

Online Renewal Feels

  • Transaction Fee – R72
  • Motor vehicle licence and disc via ordinary mail – R28
  • Motor vehicle licence and disc via registered mail – R72
  • Motor vehicle licence and disc via courier service – R99
  • Registration certificate for a motor vehicle by the titleholder – R530
  • Change of ownership of a motor vehicle by the current title holder – R530
  • Booking for renewal of driving licence card – R22
  • Delivery of a driving licence card – R99
  • Request for an electronic copy of an Accident Report – R60

MyBroadband noted that the wording in the gazette has been changed from previous iterations, with the aim ostensibly to clarify previous confusion over the fees.

When online renewal fees were previously announced by the government, the section on the driver’s licence card renewal only referred to an “online booking” for R250.

Now, it has been updated to state the online booking for the renewal of a driver’s licence card is R22.

A line item for the delivery of the card is included, at R99, but there is no mention of it being “issued” as part of the fee.


While the Department of Transport is moving ahead with plans to expand online services for motorists, its Aarto Act is under threat.

The Pretoria High Court recently ruled that the Aarto Act and the Aarto Amendment Act are unconstitutional.

The Aarto Act aims to introduce a range of new driving rules in the country, and would penalise drivers who infringed on traffic laws by imposing demerit points against their driver’s licence.

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