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Saturday / 25 June 2022
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All the new Formula 1 cars revealed so far – Photos

Haas, McLaren, Red Bull, and Aston Martin have all unveiled the designs and liveries for their 2022 Formula 1 cars.

Photos of the new racing cars are shown below.


Aston Martin

Red Bull


2022 F1 cars

2022 is a big year for Formula 1 in terms of rule changes.

An all-new car design with revised regulations has been introduced for this year.

The new car design was unveiled at the 2021 British Grand Prix for the first time, but has been under development since 2017.

The development of the new car was guided by the principle of closer racing, said Formula 1.

The new cars have been designed to allow racers to drive closer to the car in front of them – with the aim of increasing the potential for more overtakes and closer racing.

The testing cycles for the 2022 F1 car included approximately 7,500 simulations to ensure optimal performance.

During these sessions, 138 different configurations were experimented with to find the best setup, with roughly 100 hours of “wind on” time in Sauber’s wind tunnel in Switzerland.

These changes went into forming the baseline car for this year, which the respective teams have used as a guideline for building their own versions.

The 2022 F1 season will kick off on 20 March.

You can read more about all the changes to the 2022 cars here.

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