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Wednesday / 28 February 2024
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R3.8-million BMW M5 CS sold out in South Africa

BMW South Africa has told TopAuto each unit of the new BMW M5 CS that was bound for the country was sold to a “handpicked” owner.

“The BMW M5 CS was built in limited numbers and 10 of these models have been earmarked for South Africa. Five Frozen Brands Hatch Grey, and five Frozen San Remo Green,” said BMW South Africa.

“Owners were handpicked from a list of prospective customers and the cars will be delivered as they arrive.”

As such, there won’t be an official launch in the local market for this model.

BMW recently listed the pricing of the M5 CS on its website, with the super-sedan coming in at R3,822,356.

BMW M5 CS specs

The new BMW M5 CS is offered with a 4.4-litre, V8, twin-turbo petrol engine producing 467kW and 750Nm, driving all four wheels through the xDrive system.

This system provides driver-configurable torque delivery to adjust the amount of power sent to each axle, as well as a rear-wheel-drive-only mode, and connects to an eight-speed Sports Steptronic gearbox.

In addition, Pirelli P Zero Corsa track tyres wrapped around lightweight 20-inch alloy wheels and carbon-ceramic brakes are standard fitments. These specialised brakes weigh 23kg less than the steel brakes on the M5 Competition.

A total weight reduction of 70kg – to a kerb weight of 1,825kg – compared to the Competition, and a height reduction of 7mm then allow the M5 CS to achieve amazing performance figures.

The M5 CS boasts the following numbers:

  • 0-100km/h – 3 seconds
  • 0-200km/h – 10.3 seconds
  • Top speed – 305km/h
  • Quarter mile – 10.6 seconds at 209km/h
  • 100-0km/h – 30 metres

For reference, the M5 Competition – which costs R2.3 million and has 7kW less power – reaches 100km/h in 3.3 seconds, 200km/h in 10.8 seconds, has a top speed of 305km/h, finishes the quarter-mile in 10.8 seconds at 206km/h, and takes 32 metres to stop from 100km/h.

To make the most powerful M car currently in the BMW stable stand out, it further gets yellow laser-LED headlights, gold-bronze Y-spoke rims, a full carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) hood, and a CFRP front splitter, mirror caps, rear spoiler, rear diffuser, engine cover, and intake silencer.


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