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Saturday / 21 May 2022
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Brabus armoured Mercedes-Benz G-Class now in South Africa

Brabus Bulletproof

The Brabus Automotive armoured Mercedes-Benz G-Class is now available in South Africa, and will be distributed by SVI Engineering.

The vehicle is a fully-certified INVICTO armoured vehicle and features “Shelter Cell” technology and side blast protection, said the company.

“The INVICTO Shelter Cell meets OEM factory armouring standards and makes use of hot-formed armouring steel plates and innovative 3D-printed parts,” said SVI.

“The ballistic protection level is VR6, stopping AK47 rounds – however, it is extended by a side blast protection at the level of a luxury state limousine.

Additionally, the Brabus Automotive G63 performance upgrade kit – which pushes the engine up to 588kW – is also available.

The 3 options

SVI Engineering said the armoured G63 will be available in three options:

  • Pure – Keeps the exterior and interior as close to series production as possible.
  • Luxury – Includes a handcrafted interior in leather or Alcantara, as well as exterior components and performance upgrades from the Brabus accessory program.
  • Mission – Is “special forces ready” and includes protection-vest-compatible seats with variable foam geometry, MOLLE-system door panels and seat backs, a roof rail system, a digital rear display mirror, an intercom system, and 20-inch rough profile off-road tyres.

Options on the vehicle then include a lightning and signal systems, auxiliary roof lights, a fire extinguishing system, an infrared package including a night vision device, and a fresh air system with filter or an escape hatch.

Power and design

Armour plating which can withstand rounds from an AK47 adds around 1,000kg to the weight of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, and as a result the chassis is modified to support this.

“The necessary adjustments cover the entire front and rear axle construction of the vehicle. The entire wheel suspension, for example, has been replaced by our own new development, while frame reinforcements around the longitudinal beams and the spring dome increase the strength of the original vehicle structure.”

Brabus Automotive also equips the chassis with reinforced springs, stabilisers, and shock absorbers, while a modified braking system – with 402mm discs and six-piston callipers at the front and 380mm discs and four-piston callipers at the back – ensure the vehicle has enough stopping power.

The G63’s wheels are then fitted with run-flat tyres.

In terms of adding engine power to carry the additional weight of the vehicle, you can upgrade the G63’s engine by opting for a Brabus B40S-800 performance kit.

“Each kit consists of two Brabus special turbochargers with larger compressor units and modified core assemblies with reinforced axial bearings,” said the company.

This sees the power output increase from 430kW to 588kW, while torque goes from 850Nm to 1,000Nm.


The local pricing for the armoured vehicles is listed below.

It must be noted that this pricing excludes the base vehicle, shipping, and taxes. The rand pricing is also an estimate.

  • Pure – R5,400,000 (€293,000)
  • Luxury – R5,400,000 (€293,000)
  • Mission – R6,200,000 (€335,000)

Brabus Automotive then offers a 2-year/100,000km warranty on its products based on the conversion of a new Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Armoured Mercedes-Benz G-Class – Photos

Armoured G-Class

Armoured G-Class

Armoured G-Class

Armoured G-Class

Armoured G-Class

Armoured G-Class

Armoured G-Class

Armoured G-Class

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