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Thursday / 11 August 2022
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New Mini Cooper unveiled – All the details

The Mini 3-door, Mini 5-door, and the Mini Convertible have received an extensive makeover.

The company stated that the design overhaul achieves a “purist appearance” through exterior design accents.

The global market launch of the latest Mini models will begin in March 2021.

What’s new

A redesigned cockpit now adds a range of standard and optional equipment, which includes new cosmetic features such as ambient lighting, redesigned steering wheels, light chequered colour sports seats, and two separate displays within the cabin that show all the relevant information you would want.

The new cosmetic features are also accompanied by new safety systems, which now include the first electric parking brake on a Mini, an upgraded adaptive chassis, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning with a bad weather light.

A focus on individualisation was put into this generation of the vehicle, too, as the exterior was the most-changed aspect of the update.

A new front design now features a larger grille, vertical air inlets on the sides, and LED headlights as standard.

On the back, a redesigned rear apron – now with a fog light LED strip – and Union Jack LED tail lights are fitted to all models.

This combination makes the car easily differentiable from its older sibling.

New body colours and light alloy wheels aid the individualist aspect, and new side scuttles that are a characteristic of the brand can be found above the front wheel arches.

The roof of the Mini was a big part in the revision, too, and a new “Multitone Roof” feature is available.

This feature sees a colour gradient from San Marino Blue, through Pearly Aqua, to Jet Black on the roof of the car.

In order to achieve this, the company created a completely new painting technique and extended it from the windscreen frame to the rear.


Several engine and body variants that offer different levels of performance and practicality are available for the new Mini models.

These options are outlined in the table below.

Model Output 0-100km/h Fuel consumption
Mini One 3-dr 75kW 10.3s 5.6l/100km
Mini Cooper 3-dr 100kW 8.1s 5.6l/100km
Mini Cooper S 3-dr 141kW 6.7s 6.0l/100km
Mini One 5-dr 75kW 10.6s 5.7l/100km
Mini Cooper 5-dr 100kW 8.3s 5.7l/100km
Mini Cooper S 5-dr 141kW 6.8s 6.0l/100km
Mini Cooper Convertible 100kW 8.7s 6.0l/100km
Mini Cooper S Convertible 141kW 7.1s 6.3l/100km
Mini Cooper SE 135kW 7.3s 17.5kWh/100km
Mini John Cooper Works 170kW 6.1s 6.3l/100km

Mini Cooper S 3-door – Photos

Mini Convertible – Photos


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