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Monday / 4 July 2022
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Shelby Speedster debuts in South Africa – The coolest Mustang you can’t buy

The Shelby Speedster is coming to South Africa this month, but there’s a catch.

Only three examples of the special-edition Shelby were made available to the local market, and they’ve already sold out.

The car’s production is limited to 98 units for the American market, with only a further 25 units making their way overseas – making for an exclusive owner’s club.

American muscle

Using the framework of a Mustang convertible, the Shelby Speedster is a two-seater roadster with a hard-top tonneau system, which can be removed in minutes.

The body has been modified with a widebody aero kit to accommodate the larger tyres, giving the car a more menacing stance.

Under the hood of the Speedster is a supercharged, 5.0-litre, V8 engine reaching a power output in excess of 650kW.

Pedal to the floor, this muscle car can tear from 0-100km/h in just 3.5 seconds.

To complete the performance package, numerous improvements have been made to the car’s cooling system, and track-specialized Brembo brakes have been added with red calipers for a touch of extra visual flair.

Inside, the dashboard has been overhauled with additional gauges to monitor various aspects of the engine, including temperature readings and the supercharger’s boost pressure.

Adding to the exclusivity, the floor mats and door sills are branded with Shelby lettering, and every unit of the Speedster has been provided with a unique Carroll Shelby Mustang number tracked in the official Shelby registry.

This number is displayed on the dashboard as a seal of authenticity.

Living up to a legacy

The Speedster’s creation marks the 10th anniversary of company founder Carrol Shelby’s passing, leading Shelby South Africa CEO Peter Lindenberg to describe the car as “the greatest tribute we could have asked for.”

The convertible has already attracted a lot of attention, said Doreen Mashinini, General Marketing Manager at Ford South Africa.

“[Enthusiasts] want open-top motoring combined with the sound of a supercharged V8,” she said. “We’re excited to welcome the exclusive Shelby Speedster into the country.”

One of the soon-to-be owners of the Speedster said she can’t wait for it to arrive.

“The Shelby brand has been top-of-mind for me since the film Ford vs Ferrari was released and the Shelby Speedster is such a unique and special convertible to enjoy on the beautiful Cape roads.”

The first South African customers are expected to take delivery of their models within the coming month.

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