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Sunday / 14 July 2024
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Fake police hijacking attempts on the rise in Randburg

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of hijackings reported in Randburg at certain intersections.

Randburg Police Station Commander Michelle Jones released a statement this week warning motorists that hijacking groups are posing as police and holding people up against their will.

She noted that the most common sites for these hijackings are intersections along Malibongwe street, the N1, both on and off-ramps, as well as the William Nicol on and off-ramp, including the stretch of N1 North and South between Malibongwe and William Nicol roads.

The suspects are allegedly operating in groups of two and four, using a white Ford Ranger and a white VW Polo with a blue light on it.

They are also suspected of using blue, white, and silver Toyota Corollas, a grey Nissan Navara, and a grey Nissan Almera.

Victims of the hijackings believe they are being pulled over by genuine police and are held up and subsequently dropped off in different areas around Gauteng.

Safety tips

Fidelity Services Group provided a list of safety tips to avoid a potential hijacking.

  • Do not stop in deserted areas.
  • Always keep your windows closed.
  • Do not distract yourself from your surroundings by talking on a mobile phone.
  • Do not drive to your residential area as you could lead these criminals to your home.
  • If someone is attempting to force you off the road, do not panic and instead blow your horn repeatedly to draw attention to your location.
  • Do not stop your car if you suspect the individual is not a real officer. Instead, drive to the nearest police station or a busy area such as a shopping mall.

Fidelity’s CEO Wahl Bartman also issued a warning that theft out of cars, and the theft of motor vehicle parts have also been flagged.

To avoid this, Fidelity recommends you take the following actions:

  • At night, always park in a well-lit area.
  • Always park within perimeter security where possible
  • Always take valuables from the car with you. Alternatively, leave them in the boot where they are not visible.
  • Always double-check to see that your doors are locked, as there has been an increase in the use of remote jamming devices to prevent cars from locking.



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