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Friday / 12 August 2022
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Michelin brings new high-performance tyres to South Africa

Michelin has announced the introduction of two more product ranges to the South African market – the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 and the Michelin LTX Trail.

“These best-in-class tyres launched today will cater to a wide spectrum of car enthusiasts – from high-performance automobiles to high rise pick up/bakkie and SUV owners, who looks for performance throughout the tyres life span,” said Marcus Baffoe-Bonnie, VP at Michelin, Sub-Saharan Africa.

For the performance seeker

The Pilot Sport 5 tyre series is the brand’s latest generation of summer tyres, made to provide sporting performance and longevity.

Designed for high-performance sedans, sports cars, and supercars, the Pilot 5 series incorporates “dynamic response technology” for precision and reactiveness in the corners, said the company.

The tyres employ a hybrid aramid and nylon ply to form a belt around the inner structure, which assists in optimizing the transmission of power from the car to the wheels.

They also provide good grip and braking performance on both dry and wet surfaces as a result of a dual tread design whereby the inner tread functions better in the wet and the outer tread better in the dry, said Michelin.

Furthermore, the tyres received the “contemporary good design award” in 2021 for their black velvet appearance, meant to add to the look of the high-performance cars they are fitted to.

The Pilot Sport 5 tyres are offered in 25 sizes and for wheels measuring 17-19 inches, and are available on the Michelin website.

For the off-road enthusiast

For those planning their next off-road escapade, Michelin has launched the LTX Trail tyre series.

These rubbers provide three major advantages, according to the manufacturer.

The first is that the LTX Trail achieves up to 41% more durability than other tyres, thanks to a “RallyForce2” tread compound that maximizes the service life for both on-road and off-road use.

It’s also the result of a new tread design that wraps the tyre away from the sidewall to protect against avoidable wear, particularly when off-roading.

The second advantage offered by the LTX is improved safety due to variable thickness sipes that provide better ground contact for more grip, as well as better handling and braking even as the tyre starts to wear, said Michelin.

As a result, the Trail tyres are marketed as able to stop anywhere between three and four metres shorter than the competitors on both wet and dry surfaces.

Finally, the LTX tyres provide a quieter driving experience than what is the norm in the segment, thanks to a double-block design that helps to distribute noise energy across a wider spectrum.

The LTX Trail range is available in 13 sizes for wheels between 15-18 inches, and your closest dealer can be located on the Michelin website.


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