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Monday / 25 October 2021
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Continental builds new “HL” tyres for electric cars

In response to more heavy SUV and electric vehicles making their way to market, Continental has created the first passenger tyre with an “HL” load index code.

The new tyre features a number of changes in the tyre structure and rubber compounds in order to retain low rolling resistance and noise levels, precise handling, and high mileage.

On the sidewall of this new tyre, the new maximum load capacity will be displayed as an HL code ahead of the size.

For example: HL 245/40 R19.

The load capacity of the HL tyre stands at 825kg (load index 101).

When compared to the previous-strongest tyre – the XL – and the current standard tyre specification – the SL – the new HL improves load capacity by 10% on the XL and up to 25% on the SL.

Creating this new technology while still meeting customer requirements called for a number of changes in both the tyre structure and compound, said Dr Stefan Habicht, the person in charge of development for the new tyres at Continental.

“In terms of construction, we reinforced the bead and enhanced the contour of the tyre to reduce tyre/road noise. At the same time, we also optimised the pattern compound.”

This resulted in lower rolling resistance, and, consequently, more precise handling.

Continental is currently producing the first tyres using the new HL standard at their Otrokovice plant in Czech Republic – and said that the tyres will first be built for original equipment manufacturers.

Thereafter, they will also be available in the replacement market.

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