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Thursday / 19 May 2022
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New Lexus LS coming to South Africa – Photos and details

The Lexus LS has been the flagship sedan for the brand since their inception, and the newest version will be available in South Africa in the second quarter of 2021.

This new model will launch with subtle aesthetic changes inside and out, and two variants will be available locally when going on sale.

The main focus of the mid-cycle refresh was to increase ride comfort with minimal impact on performance, and this was done by fine-tuning aspects such as the suspension, tyres, and the materials and structure of the seats.

What’s new

The 5th generation of the LS was introduced in 2018, and was the first vehicle to be built on the Lexus Global Architecture – Luxury platform.

The benefits that this platform offer include good chassis balance, a low centre of gravity, and increased body rigidity, according to the company.

A new suspension set-up was also adopted, which improved performance and handling over that of the previous generation.

Furthermore, the LS has been fitted with liquid-filled engine mounts and rear suspension components to reduce shock and vibration inside the cabin.

“We have been implementing improvements year-on-year to ensure the continual evolution of the LS as a Lexus flagship,” said LS chief engineer Toshio Asahi.

As the tyres are the only contact point between the car and the road, they have also been optimized to provide the most comfort.

This includes selling the car with rigid run-flat tyres as standard, and the tuning of the tyre compound and structure to provide better performance.

In turn, the seats were a next major area of focus.

Certain of the new LS models will sport the most sophisticated seats seen in a vehicle from this company, according to Lexus.

They will have “unprecedented” multi-directional adjustability, integrated heating and ventilation, and massage functionalities.

To further improve comfort, greater cushioning and a new seat pad were also fitted to disperse body pressure more evenly.

Moreover, the seams on the seats have been set deeper than before in an effort to absorb more vibrations and create a softer feel.

Local pricing and specifications have not been confirmed, but will be made available by Lexus South Africa closer to the launch date.

Lexus LS – Photos


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