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Thursday / 23 September 2021
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Best-selling car brands in South Africa

NAAMSA has released their latest report breaking down the country’s new vehicle sales for February 2021.

NAAMSA represents the collective interests of 43 new vehicle brands in South Africa that are involved in production, importation, and distribution of new vehicles across the country.

Market stability

When compared to February 2020, February 2021 experienced a 13.3% decline in sales.

It still represents a level of stability, however, as it is up from the 13.9% decline in January.

A silver lining once again comes from the Light Commercial Vehicle segment, where bakkies are found.

This segment only experienced a 3.2% decline when compared to February of 2020 – which amounts to 11,246 sales in February 2021.

Passenger cars, by comparison, declined by 18.1% when compared to February 2020, for a total of 24,270 units sold in February 2021.

In total, 37,521 new vehicles were sold in South Africa in February 2021.

Best-selling brands

The NAAMSA market report features all major brands that sell new vehicles in South Africa.

Their standings are calculated by the number of new vehicles sold within a certain time period, with passenger vehicles usually having the largest effect on the positions.

Both vehicles bound for local and export markets are counted, with export numbers having the biggest impact on brands that manufacture in South Africa – such as Toyota, VW, BMW, Ford, and Mercedes-Benz.

The five top-selling brands for February 2021 in South Africa can be found below.

5. Nissan

  • Local sales – 2,625 units
  • Export sales – 470 units
  • Total sales – 3,095 units

4. Hyundai

  • Local sales – 2,792 units
  • Export sales – 0 units
  • Total sales – 2,792 units

3. Ford

  • Local sales – 3,020 units
  • Export sales – 3,733 units
  • Total sales – 6,753 units

2. Volkswagen

  • Local sales – 6,652 units
  • Export sales – 8,208 units
  • Total sales – 14,860 units

1. Toyota

  • Local sales – 8,308 units
  • Export sales – 5,946 units
  • Total sales – 14,254 units

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