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Wednesday / 19 June 2024
HomeNewsVolvo launches R12,650 performance-enhancing software for flagship SUVs in South Africa

Volvo launches R12,650 performance-enhancing software for flagship SUVs in South Africa

Volvo has launched the new Polestar Engineered Optimisation performance package for all of its T8 plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models in South Africa, allowing owners to crank up the performance of their semi-electric cars.

“Every XC60 and XC90 Recharge plug-in hybrid derivative using the T8 Twin Engine AWD powertrain is eligible for this latest optional software-based upgrade, which enhances various performance aspects of the powertrain,” said the company.

Already offered on various other Volvo nameplates, the new software upgrade is now available for the T8-badged XC60 and XC90 at a discounted promotional cost of R12,650 (including VAT) until the end of 2023, after which its price is set to go up.

Electric overhaul

All of Volvo’s PHEV SUVs bearing a T8 designation are driven by a 2.0-litre, supercharged hybrid petrol engine with a commendable 340kW and 709Nm on tap.

Considering the already impressive output, the Polestar package will leave the power figures unchanged but touch on other aspects of the driveline in order to sharpen the SUV’s response and improve traction and power delivery.

When installed, the software unlocks additional power in the mid-range bracket and enhances the throttle response and gear shift times – the latter of which is the result of an “intelligent shift schedule,” said the manufacturer.

Additionally, the SUV will now provide improved balance in corners and better traction at take-off thanks to a bespoke re-calibration of the all-wheel-drive system.

When a car is taken into a Volvo dealership for the upgrade, a subtle new “Polestar Engineered” badge will be placed on the tailgate, and a new Polestar setting will be added to the drive-mode selection menu.

The installation process takes less than 60 minutes and can be included in the vehicle’s regular service schedule. Opting for the upgrade does not impact the warranty or service plan, nor does it have any downsides with regard to fuel consumption.

Customers are also able to claim a full refund, should they change their minds within 14 days of the software’s installation, said Greg Maruszewski, Managing Director at Volvo Car South Africa.

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