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Friday / 24 May 2024
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Kia rocks competition in South African used-car market – The best-selling models

Kia experienced more growth in South Africa’s used-car market in November than any other brand, posting a 25% increase in sales over the previous month.

Much of this can be ascribed to the Picanto hatch, which itself experienced the highest month-on-month percentage increase in sales out of the 10 best-selling models in the used-car space at 20.8%.

Best-selling used cars in South Africa

In total, November’s used-car figures dipped by 2% in comparison to October, with 32,300 units sold on the pre-owned market to the value of R13 billion, revealed insights from AutoTrader.

In spite of this, the average price paid for one of these autos came in at R405,226, up from R385,640 in October, which is attributed to a drop in the average age of cars purchased from five to four years.

The Ford Ranger came out on top as the favourite choice for consumers with 1,857 examples sold, followed by the Toyota Hilux in second at 1,494, narrowly making it past third-place’s VW Polo which raked in 1,460 customers.

The VW Polo Vivo then took home fourth thanks to its 1,014 units moved, and fifth place went to the Toyota Fortuner which saw 800 transactions on the dot.

As always, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 3 Series had a fierce battle for sixth and seventh in November, with the former ending up on top this time at 610 sales, and the latter just behind it at 563.

The stellar 533 sales of the Kia Picanto had it driving away with the eight-place trophy, beating one of its biggest rivals, the Suzuki Swift, by just 54 units.

Surprisingly, the Ford EcoSport is starting to show signs that it’s losing its grip on South Africans as the compact crossover sits in the last spot in November’s best-seller ranks.

The discontinuation of the model may have had something to do with that, as it’s possible that owners are holding onto their EcoSports for longer and there are simply just fewer available on the used market now than there were a few months ago.

The 10 best-selling used cars in South Africa from November, according to AutoTrader, were as follows:

1. Ford Ranger – 1,857 units

  • Average price – R449,857
  • Average mileage – 81,117km
  • Average age – 3 years old

2. Toyota Hilux – 1,494 units

  • Average price – R465,566
  • Average mileage – 103,676km
  • Average age – 4 years old

3. VW Polo – 1,460 units

  • Average price – R262,799
  • Average mileage – 67,588km
  • Average age – 4 years old

4. VW Polo Vivo – 1,014 units

  • Average price – R195,501
  • Average mileage – 58,737km
  • Average age – 3 years old

5. Toyota Fortuner – 800 units

  • Average price – R456,772
  • Average mileage – 104,072km
  • Average age – 5 years old

6. Mercedes-Benz C-Class – 610 units

  • Average price – R459,056
  • Average mileage – 89,539km
  • Average age – 6 years old

7. BMW 3 Series – 563 units

  • Average price – R375,178
  • Average mileage – 100,638km
  • Average age – 7 years old

8. Kia Picanto – 533 units

  • Average price – R178,827
  • Average mileage – 38,101km
  • Average age – 2 years old

9. Suzuki Swift – 479 units

  • Average price – R184,211
  • Average mileage – 32,980km
  • Average age – 2 years old

10. Ford EcoSport – 467 units

  • Average price – R232,600
  • Average mileage –62,424km
  • Average age – 4 years old

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