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Wednesday / 22 May 2024
HomeNewsArmoured Ford Ranger now available in South Africa with manufacturer warranty – Pricing

Armoured Ford Ranger now available in South Africa with manufacturer warranty – Pricing

The new Ford Ranger is now available in South Africa with manufacturer-approved armouring from local firm SVI Engineering.

The bullet-resistant armouring kits can be ordered directly from Ford dealers and are available across the full Ranger line-up, including single-, super-, and double-cab models.

“The only Ranger derivative not suitable for B6 armour is the Raptor (which is, however, available in B4 discreet), owing to its bespoke Fox suspension set-up and different payload capability,” said SVI.

Pricing starts at R295,293 (excl. VAT) for the commercial-grade Stopgun solution, and R426,268 (excl. VAT) and R665,116 (excl. VAT), respectively, for the consumer-focused B4 and B6 grades.

Bullet-resistant Rangers

The B4 Discreet option provides occupants with protection against handguns up to a .44 Magnum and is the ideal anti-hijack solution that also offers defence against brick-throwing and other hand-held projectiles, said SVI.

The package includes 21mm armoured glass and Kevlar sheets in the body panels, resulting in an unassuming appearance as well as minimal impact on vehicle acceleration, fuel consumption, and performance due to the lightweight nature of the armour.

The highest level of armouring allowed without a special permit, B6 is designed for “high-profile individuals requiring the ultimate level of protection as well as for the valuables-in-transit industry,” according to SVI.

It affords protection against assault rifles with 7.62x51mm ammunition – such as the AK47, R1, and R5 – owing to the fitment of 38mm armoured glass and specially-fabricated armoured steel plates.

Both the B4 and B6 grades cover areas including the glazing surrounding the occupants, doors, engine firewall, front fenders, rear of the cabin, battery, ABS unit, and A-, B-, and C-pillars.

Build time for the B4 and B6 Discreet-armoured Rangers is approximately three months.

Ford Ranger B6 Discreet battery protection

In addition to the consumer-aligned Discreet packages, SVI offers a semi-discreet and more cost-effective B6 option that is targeted at the security industry.

Dubbed Stopgun V3.0, this package represents a substantial upgrade over the Stopgun V2.0 kit of the previous-gen bakkie and incorporates flat armoured glass complete with gunports fitted behind the standard side windows.

“As a result, the package is considerably more discreet from the outside, while wind noise is also noticeably reduced,” said the firm.

Courtesy of its less inconspicuous design, the Stopgun V3.0 armour can be installed in three weeks.

Ford Ranger B6 Stopgun V3.0


Starting prices for the Ford Ranger armouring solutions are as follows:

  • B6 Stopgun V3.0 Single Cab – R295,936
  • B6 Stopgun V3.0 Super Cab – R341,587
  • B6 Stopgun V3.0 Double Cab – R422,257
  • B4 Discreet Single Cab – R426,268
  • B4 Discreet Super Cab – R572,377
  • B4 Discreet Double Cab – R573,377
  • B6 Discreet Single Cab – R665,116
  • B6 Discreet Super Cab – R866,966
  • B6 Discreet Double Cab – R866,966

All prices exclude VAT and the base price of the vehicle.

Optional extras include roof and floor armour, run-flat tyre rings, and a public announcement system.

“Available to order directly from Ford dealerships around the country, the complete package, including the purchase price of the base vehicle and the cost of the armour selected, can be financed via Ford Credit,” said SVI.

SVI Ford Ranger B6 Stopgun V3.0

SVI Ford Ranger B6 Discreet

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