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Wednesday / 8 December 2021
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Hino-Connect coming to all Hino trucks in South Africa

Hino South Africa has announced that Hino-Connect, a full fleet management system, will be installed as standard on the company’s trucks from April 2021.

This includes the Dyna, 300, 500, and 700 models.

The product is a result of a joint venture between Hino and Cartrack.

“This comprehensive telematics solution includes a three-year subscription from date of fitment and will be an important, additional tool to ensure we continue to provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction,” said Ernie Trautmann, Vice President of Hino South Africa.


Hino-Connect will provide three sets of data:

  • Positional data for vehicle tracking, recovery, and monitoring.
  • Vehicle performance data, including fuel consumption, fluid temperatures, and speed.
  • Diagnostic Trouble Code fault reporting to Hino South Africa and the vehicle’s registered dealer.

All the data that is collected will be stored for five years, too, with the last six months of records available immediately, said Hino.

“Hino-Connect means we can monitor a truck’s operating life before preparing it for resale, and in view of the high resale value of a Hino truck we will be able to offer favourable buy-back rates.”

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