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Saturday / 15 June 2024
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The Western Cape’s unemployed can now use public transport for free

The Western Cape government has officially launched the “Getting YOU to Work” initiative that offers jobseekers free travel to interviews using the province’s Golden Arrow Bus Services (GABS).

Interview candidates at registered employers may now use the public transport service free of charge between the hours of 08h00 and 16h00 on all weekdays through the use of a “Getting YOU to Work voucher” that is valid for 12 trips.

To be eligible to receive the voucher, individuals must have a valid South African ID and a scheduled interview with one of the businesses that are participating in the initiative.

“Getting YOU to Work is part of the Western Cape Government’s Growth 4 Jobs Strategy, through which we are doing everything we can to grow the provincial economy, create jobs, and tackle unemployment which currently stands at 20%,” said Premier Alan Winde. 

“One of the biggest hurdles reported is the cost of transport, especially for those who live far away from economic hubs.  I am thrilled that this initiative will provide tangible support to the many people who are actively looking for work.”

The landmark campaign has already started bearing fruit.

At the launch, Latita Memani, a 20-year-old student from Cape Town, said, “I managed to get to the interview today without spending money and without borrowing money from my parents. All in all, this jobseeker voucher is a very good idea that will help a lot of youth to get employed, become independent, and be successful in life.”

Premier Winde and Minister Mackenzie joining the first jobseekers to make use of the Getting YOU to Work voucher

How it works

Jobseekers who have bagged an interview at one of the programme’s partner employers can be nominated by the company to receive a free travel voucher from the Western Cape government.

Thereafter, the process looks as follows:

  • Once a jobseeker secures an interview with a partner employer, they are offered a free travel voucher by the employer to attend the interview.
  • If the jobseeker accepts, their details are loaded onto an online platform by the employer.
  • The jobseeker will receive an SMS with login details and instructions on how to register on the online portal.
  • Once the jobseeker has registered, they will receive an SMS with details on how to collect the voucher, which includes 12 free trips.
  • The jobseeker can then visit a GABS kiosk or independent vendor to receive the voucher, which is loaded on a GABS Gold Card.
  • The jobseeker taps the Gold Card when boarding a GABS bus to redeem their free trip.
  • The voucher can be used to cover the full journey to and from the interview, including transfers between buses

Businesses that are interested in stepping up to participate in the employment-boosting scheme must be registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission and “actively recruiting unemployed jobseekers in Cape Town,” said Winde.

If an organisation meets these requirements, it can register via the online Getting YOU to Work portal.

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