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Wednesday / 19 June 2024
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Bulletproof VW Amarok now available in South Africa – Pricing

Gauteng-based SVI Engineering has launched new armouring packages for the VW Amarok with two levels of protection available – B4 and B6 – starting at R545,121 excluding VAT and the price of the vehicle.

The B6 grade is the highest level of armouring that a civilian vehicle is allowed to have without a special permit, affording protection against assault rifles up to and including the AK47, R1, and R5.

The package comprises fitment of 38mm-thick armoured glass curved to factory specification, alongside high-grade armoured steel plates in the body panels that are precisely cut and bonded in key areas.

These enhancements provide full firewall and footwell protection against weapons fire, and the meticulous overlapping of materials where body parts meet minimalise ballistic gaps almost completely.

“The entire passenger cell boasts coverage, including all pillars, all doors, and all windows, while critical under-bonnet components (such as the battery and ABS unit) are also protected,” said SVI.

“To the untrained eye, the bullet-resistant package is almost impossible to detect, allowing private individuals to fly under the radar while still enjoying full B6 protection”

The Amarok’s suspension is also upgraded to counteract the added weight of the bullet-resistant armouring components.

SVI additionally sells a lower level of bullet-resistant armouring namely B4, which protects against handguns up to a .44 Magnum.

The B4 kit swops out the B6’s metal plating for Kevlar sheets and gets slightly thinner glass, but does not sacrifice any workmanship for the lower price.

These packages are available across the Amarok’s entire powertrain line-up and have a build time of approximately three months.


Pricing for the VW Amarok armouring packages is as follows:

  • VW Amarok Double Cab 360-degree B4 Armour – R545,121 (excl. VAT)
  • VW Amarok Double Cab 360-degree B6 Armour – R825,681 (excl. VAT)

Optional extras include items such as B6 roof armour, B6 floor armour, and heavy-duty runflat tyre rings.

SVI said it is also working on developing a “cost-effective” B6 Stopgun V3.0 kit for single-cab and lower-spec double-cab versions of the Amarok, which will be pitched at the security industry.

SVI B6 VW Amarok

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