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Saturday / 21 May 2022
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What I would love to see in the new VW Polo GTI

The new VW Polo has been unveiled, and first impressions of the upcoming Polo GTI are already out the box.

VW said the new GTI will have more power and sharper handling than the current model, and that the official unveiling is set for June 2021.

As such, few details have been released about the upcoming GTI model.

So far, we know that it will be front-wheel-drive, offer “high torque”, feature a dynamically-tuned sport chassis, and provide “exceptional driving dynamics in combination with exceptional everyday usability”.

The design also features new bumpers, new headlights and tail lights, and LED technology all-round.

Looking at the “normal” version of the new VW Polo provides a few additional hints – as the car is fitted with the MIB3 infotainment display, digital instrument cluster, and a redesigned multifunction steering wheel.

In addition, driver assistance is covered by lane assist, front assist with emergency braking, and pedestrian detection.

The German starting price for the new VW Polo range is “less than €16,000” – which converts to R271,000 when using current exchange rates.

Wish list

With the new Polo GTI around the corner, the time has come to daydream about what we would like to see delivered.

If VW asked me what I would love to see in the new Polo GTI, this is what they would hear:

The standard version already looks good. Stick some GTI-exclusive bumper inserts on there to make it more aggressive, maybe even throw in a slight arch flare, and stick it to the ground with your finest 17-inch alloys.

The range-topping GTI wheels have always looked stunning, and I would not recommend anything else.

On the inside, analogue is best. The seventh-generation Golf GTI did the interior better than many – and it would be wise to take direction from there.

A smooth screen might look better than a clunky button, but forcing a driver to navigate through several steps of the operating system just to get to air-conditioning will cause problems. Touch-sensitive sliders are also a no from me.

Additionally, drop the partial-leather seats in GTI cars. Full-leather is better.

Fancy assistance and alert features aren’t necessary, either, as doing away with these in favour of a friendlier price tag would be welcomed by many.

That being said, blind-spot assist and parking sensors are two things I would add to every car from here on out.

Put Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on that list, too, and you’ve got a winning cabin.

Under the bonnet, VW, you don’t have to do much.

Bump up power figures by a few kilowatts for the sake of the “new generation”, reduce understeer through the magic of engineering, and give it an exhaust note for the ages.

Do this, and I think you will have customers queuing around the block, or bombarding the VW South Africa website, to order a new VW Polo GTI.

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