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Wednesday / 10 August 2022
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R1 million for 300kW – The real “new normal”

Audi TT RS

You’ve probably read the statement “new normal” so many times in the past year that the sight of it makes you want to throw your laptop out of a window.

Emails, WhatsApps, video interviews – all of them have shoved this line down your throat.

But today we are not discussing the tired reference to how more people work remotely or the economic conditions of the country – we are talking about a much more important new normal.

The new normal where if you want 300kW under the hood of a flash sports car you need to have R1 million in the bank.

300kW from a 4-cylinder

Our recent article about the amazing engine in the Mercedes-AMG A45 S highlights this nicely.

The M139 engine – which is a 2.0-litre, turbocharged, 4-cylinder unit – produces 310kW in the German hot hatch.

This immense amount of power comes at a price, with the Mercedes-AMG A45 S 4Matic+ selling for R1,156,840.

“Damn, that is a pricey hatch. I am sure you can get 300kW from a more-affordable car,” I said to myself while reading it.

Mercedes-AMG makes high-end cars with more luxuries and features than most, and it is only logical that a Japanese or American brand could offer a cheaper alternative.

Heck, maybe Audi or BMW would have a model we could throw into the mix.

This was not the case – and it turns out the A45 S is rather competitively priced.

The competition

The first place I looked for my 300kW ride was in the under-R1 million price bracket.

There are many fine machines on offer here, but surprisingly none come close to offering 300kW.

The top contenders were from Audi, Nissan, and BMW – but only reached around the 250kW mark.

  • Audi S4 TFSI quattro (260kW) – R977,500
  • BMW M240i coupe (250kW) – R879,584
  • Nissan 370Z coupe (245kW) – R791,800

Next up was the petrolheads’ fuel-filled dream, the BMW M2 Competition.

It’s German, looks incredible, and delivers 302kW – but costs R1,139,464. This is not the cheaper alternative we are looking for.

The other German compatriot – the Audi TT RS Coupe Quattro – did not help much, either, providing 293kW and coming in at R1,062,000.

I even looked across the Atlantic to the USA, where Ford’s muscular Mustang 5.0 GT Fastback gives its driver access to 331kW for a price of R1,044,200.

Across multiple brands and models, the story stays the same – and I encourage you to look for yourself on TopAuto Car Prices if you do not take my word for it.

Welcome to the new normal, car fans.


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