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Wednesday / 10 August 2022
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Buying a classic Porsche in South Africa – How to start

If you’re in the market for a vintage Porsche, you better get in line.

In South Africa, good-quality models are highly sought after – and current owners will not let them go for anything less than market value, along with a bit of sentimental value on top of that.

This has forced enthusiasts with the means to buy their favourite vintage Porsche to look toward models that are not necessarily their first choice, or to increase their budgets to get their dream car.

Porsche South Africa is well aware of the passionate following it has in this regard, and TopAuto spoke to the brand about what it offers classic Porsche owners in South Africa – and how prospective buyers can get involved.

Porsche Classic Centre

Porsche South Africa offers an extensive support network for older models, with the both the Pretoria and Cape Town dealerships doubling as Certified Porsche Classic Centres.

“The support for older model Porsche cars is the very reason that we have officially Certified Classic Partner dealer accreditations,” said Christo Kruger, group public relations manager for Porsche South Africa.

According to Kruger, these centres are able to source nearly any service parts – and they can “even meticulously restore older Porsche models”.

If you visit a Porsche Classic Partner, the dealership will have a “Classic Corner” showroom where prestigious vintage models are presented to the public.

An information centre with genuine vintage parts and technical literature – and expertise on everything from genuine parts to “one-the-spot advice” – are also available.

Additionally, classic vehicles that have been through these workshops get a distinct Porsche Classic Flag at the front.

For enthusiasts wanting to know more, the company encourages a visit to a Porsche dealership – for those wanting to see more, the 356 Club of South Africa often hosts events for classic Porsches.

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