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Saturday / 21 May 2022
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Eleksa CityBug – The R200,000 electric car coming to South Africa

Eleksa, a company specialising in electric transport, is bringing its CityBug car to South Africa.

The CityBug is a fully electric car that is for sale in several international markets, including the UK and Germany, and it is currently under homologation for the country, the company told TopAuto.

Eleksa expects the car to finish its roadworthy certification process and go on sale by September 2021, at a retail price of R200,000.

What you need to know

The Eleksa CityBug is a small car with two doors and seating for up to four people. It measures 2,960mm long, 1,480mm wide, and 1,520mm tall – and weighs in at 450kg.

This makes it slightly wider and longer than the petrol-powered Bajaj Qute.

Inside, the CityBug’s compact cabin offers a range of comforts that are generally seen in higher-end vehicles.

Standard equipment comprises an air conditioning system, electric windows, a digital instrument cluster, and an Android infotainment system that provides USB ports and integrated navigation.

Eleksa describes the CityBug as an ideal urban runabout, with charging costs claimed to be 15 cents per kilometre.

“A full charge costs around R15,” said the company.

Unfortunately, there are no public powertrain specifications for the CityBug yet – but top speed for this small hatchback is rated at 60km/h.

It then boasts a maximum driving range of 100km – which is upgradeable to 200km. It can also scale inclines up to 11.31 degrees.

It is worth noting that the vehicle’s abilities are dependent on the cargo it is carrying, and a full load can diminish driving ranges.

“We experience good interest as a vehicle for short-range deliveries due to the extremely low running cost,” said the company.

The first four Eleksa CityBugs in South Africa are available for viewing at the company’s showroom in Pretoria.

“More vehicles will be added in the future, including a small bakkie, delivery van, and a small family SUV.”

Eleksa CityBug

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