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Thursday / 20 January 2022
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3 videos which make me want to buy a Toyota GR 86

The new Toyota GR 86 has received a ton of improvements compared to its predecessor – the GT86 – and car enthusiasts are excited to get their hands on this new generation.

The GR 86 still has the Boxer engine from the previous car, but it has been bored out to 2.4-litres, the intake and exhaust have undergone improvements, and the fuel injection system has been upgraded.

This allows the GR 86 to make 172kW and 250Nm – up from 152kW and 212Nm.

The maximum torque kicks in sooner, too, at 3,700rpm vs 6,600rpm in the previous generation.

As a result, the GR 86 can accelerate from 0-100km/h in 6.3 seconds, down from 7.4 seconds in the GT86.

The first generation was also known for its superb handling ability, which has been improved further with this generation, said Toyota.

Toyota and Subaru achieved this by using front and rear-frame reinforcements, which have increased the chassis rigidity and made the sports car’s handling better than ever.

Seeing this extra power and handling come into effect in the videos below makes me need the new GR 86 – which will only be arriving in the first quarter of 2022.

Hagerty – 2022 Toyota GR 86

The GR 86 gets pitted against the VW Golf GTI in a drag race before its handling gets put to the test – with plenty of drifting involved.

Throttle House 2022 Toyota GR86 Review

Throttle House puts the GR 86 through its paces around a track and shows what it can do in a drag race against the previous version.

TheStriaghtPipes – 2022 Toyota GR86 Review

TheStraightPipes tell us what it is like to drive the new GR 86, while hooning it around a track and doing a few powerslides.


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