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Wednesday / 10 August 2022
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WeBuyCars is transforming the Dome into the ultimate car-shopping destination

WeBuyCars (WBC) is in the process of transforming the Dome into a massive pre-owned car dealership that will house over 1,100 car bays, have a café and bar, and offer a children’s playing area.

This is according to a master plan document for the “WeBuyCars Dome” that was provided to MyBroadband by an industry source.

It shows that the three-storey venue will be undergoing extensive renovations in the initial phase of development.

WBC and the Dome

WBC confirmed its purchase of the Dome in July, and said the venue – which has played host to a range of concerts and large events – was originally intended to be a new-car showroom.

At the time, WBC CEO Faan van der Walt said the company will realise the original vision for the Dome and develop it into a large pre-owned car dealership.

According to the plan received by MyBroadband, the third floor of the Dome will now house a new main entrance where customers will be met with a reception area, an admin office, tellers, a café and kitchen, and an iPad desk – although it is unclear what the iPads will be used for.

This level also features 207 parking bays laid out around the half-circle “gallery”.

From the third floor, stairs or an escalator leads down to the second floor, which holds the main showroom – with 899 car bays, a key kiosk, and a test drive exit.

In addition, this level will house the offices for the sales and administration departments, as well as a training centre, according to the plans.

The plans also show that WBC currently has no intentions to change the existing banquet halls on this level.

The first floor will then be converted to include the vehicle washing bays, vehicle photo booths, and the Dekra testing centre.

Furthermore, a large banquet area with glass washing rooms, a waiters’ area, a pick-up bar, and liquor cold storage rooms will be built here.

On the outside, an outdoor amphitheatre and a children’s playing area are shown at this level.

One notable addition in the plans is an underground bulk diesel fuel tank, of which the overhead vent valve will be hidden in one of the flag poles around the parking area.

It is worth mentioning that the plans provided to MyBroadband are not confirmed to be what the finished venue will look like, and that additional developments or changes could take place before the venue opens again.

The opening date for the new WBC dealership at the Dome has also not been announced.

The images below show a more complete view of the plans for the new WBC Dome dealership.

WBC Dome – Level 1

WBC Dome – Level 2

WBC Dome – Level 3


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