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Wednesday / 29 June 2022
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Audi Q3 vs VW Tiguan – Which one is selling better in South Africa

According to data from Naamsa, Audi soldĀ 137 units of the Q3 SUV in South Africa in September 2021, making it the most popular Audi on the market.

VW sold 487 units of its Tiguan SUV during the same period, making it the brand’s fourth-most-popular vehicle, and most popular SUV in the country.

These results are not unexpected.

The Q3 and Tiguan carry the prestige of not being the cheapest models made by the brands, while simultaneously offering plenty of perks at an attractive price.

Best-selling cars

Audi and VW are two loved brands in South Africa and this is clear to see from the companies’ sales.

In September, Audi sold a total of 638 units in the country – which puts it above premium competitors like Mercedes-Benz and Land Rover.

The Audi A1, at a starting price of R441,000, is currently the cheapest Audi on offer and also the fourth-best-selling model for the brand.

The Q2 is the company’s cheapest SUV, at a starting price of R519,500, and sits in third place on the best-sellers list.

The A3 Sedan and Q3 SUV are the two vehicles ranking right above the entry-level models in terms of starting prices, and these also feature in the top five best-selling vehicles for the brand.

The Q5 “mid-size” SUV then sits in second place, while being somewhat lesser affordable than its siblings, which speaks to the popularity of this body style in South Africa.

As a result, four of Audi’s most-affordable models populate its top five best-selling list.

VW, on the other hand, sold an impressive 6,057 units in September – making it the second-best-selling auto brand in South Africa, trailing Toyota.

As with Audi, VW’s cheapest SUV, the R357,900 T-Cross, as well as its mid-size offering, the R528,800 Tiguan, sit in the top five best-selling models for the company in September.

Its three most-affordable cars, the Polo Hatchback, Polo Sedan, and Polo Vivo, then account for the remaining spots.

This means that VW’s four cheapest models populate its top-five best-selling list, too.

Outlined below are Audi and VW’s best-selling cars in South Africa in September 2021, according to Naamsa.

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Model Units
Audi A3 Sedan 44
Audi A1 62
Audi Q2 91
Audi Q5 124
Audi Q3 137


Model Units
VW T-Cross 386
VW Tiguan 487
VW Polo Sedan 646
VW Polo Vivo 1,767
VW Polo 2,257

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