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Thursday / 19 May 2022
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Best-selling car brands in South Africa in September

The best-selling vehicle brand in South Africa in September was Toyota, with 14,420 units sold across the local and export markets.

This is according to the monthly new vehicles sales report released by Naamsa, which recorded the new vehicle sales for 41 auto brands during September 2021.

Toyota has held the crown for best-selling car brand in South Africa for nearly all of 2021, followed by VW each month.

The numbers

During the period under review, 43,130 new vehicles were sold in South Africa – reflecting a 5,893 unit (15.8%) increase over September 2020.

In contrast, export sales declined by 16,188 units (57%) to 12,202 units when compared to the same period in 2020.

“However, for the year-to-date, vehicle exports were still 22.7% ahead of the same period last year,” said Naamsa.

Out of the total reported industry new vehicle sales, an estimated 82.7% represented dealer sales, 12.4% represented sales to the vehicle rental industry, 2.5% represented sales to the government, and 2.4% represented industry corporate fleets.

The total industry sales for September 2021 were divided into the following segments:

  • Passenger vehicles – 29,538 units
  • Light commercial vehicles, bakkies, and minibuses – 10,943 units
  • Medium trucks – 762 units
  • Heavy trucks and buses – 1,887 units

“The new vehicle market continued to show further good recovery during the month of September 2021 in line with the country’s return to adjusted level 2 lockdown regulations and overall enhanced business and consumer sentiment,” said Naamsa.

Best-selling brands

The best-selling brand in South Africa is determined by only looking at local market sales.

For September, Toyota sits comfortably in the lead with 10,936 units sold locally, followed by VW with 7,029 units, and Suzuki in third with 3,134 units.

Suzuki surpassed both Nissan and Hyundai to reach third place, while Nissan – who was in third in August 2021 – now sits in sixth.

Hyundai maintained its spot at fourth, while Renault moved from seventh to fifth when compared to the preceding month.

Listed below are the best-selling brands in South Africa in September 2021, according to local passenger and commercial vehicle sales.

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Toyota – 10,936 units

VW – 7,029 units

Suzuki – 3,134 units

Hyundai – 2,930 units

Renault – 2,520 units

Nissan – 2,330 units

Kia – 2,230 units

Ford – 2,021 units

Haval – 1,990 units

Isuzu – 1,924 units

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