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Wednesday / 29 June 2022
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How much parts cost on the cheapest BMW X5

According to the 2021 Automobile Association (AA) spare parts pricing guide, the BMW X5 xDrive 30d is one of the most expensive luxury SUVs to repair and service in South Africa.

The parts basket comprising the price of the X5’s service, maintenance, and body repair parts is equivalent to R420,553.94, or 29.73% of its retail price of R1,414,682.

The parts identified by the AA are a “number of common parts which consumers may need to consider over the lifetime of their vehicles,” it said.

Parts prices

In South Africa, service parts are generally the cheapest, followed by maintenance parts, and then body repair parts.

This can be expected, as service parts are subject to daily wear-and-tear and must be replaced at extended intervals.

Body parts are usually much larger and only need to be replaced when they are damaged, leading to fewer of these components being produced and readily available – hence the higher costs.

Maintenance parts find a happy medium, as these are usually priced higher than service parts, but below body parts.

Maintenance parts are also subject to daily wear-and-tear, but are mechanical elements that only need to be replaced if they are faulty or worn out.

On the X5, the cheapest part is unsurprisingly classified as a service part and is a R369.85 oil filter.

The most expensive element is then found in the body part section, in the form of a R48,928.42 rear fender.

Detailed below are all the prices for a selection of common vehicle parts for the BMW X5 xDrive 30d, as provided by the AA.

Service Parts

Part Price
Air filter R1,035.00
Oil filter R369.85
Pollen filter R2,098.60
Glow plug (set) R3,130.35
Wiper blades (set) R1,033.28
Front brake pads (set) R3,265.67
Rear brake pads (set) R1,816.49
Total R12,749.23

Maintenance Parts

Part Price
Cambelt/Timing chain R2,357.16
Front brake discs (2) R5,340.05
Rear brake discs (2) R4,438.79
Front shock absorber/strut (2) R12,181.18
Rear shock absorber/strut (2) R12,181.18
Fan belt R1,667.72
Total R38,166.07

Body Repair Parts

Part Price
Bonnet R31,780.47
Front bumper skin R26,042.39
Grille R2,275.08
LH Front fender R15,399.32
Wheel rim R16,835.44
LH Headlight assembly R25,132.10
Aircon condenser R9,999.32
Radiator R12,978.57
RH Front door R30,083.66
RH Rear door R30,083.66
RH Front door glass R4,288.13
Rear bumper skin R37,822.05
LH Rear fender R48,928.42
Tailgate R31,730.48
Rear windscreen R12,092.73
Front windscreen R9,033.72
RH Rear light assembly R25,133.11
Total R369,638.64



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