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Friday / 27 May 2022
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These second-hand cars cost less than a new TV

Hisense recently launched its latest 75-inch, 8K TV in South Africa, at a recommended retail price of R49,999.

Naturally, our first question was: What kind of car can you get for the same price as this fancy TV?

Below, we list five used cars which you can buy for R49,999 or cheaper – based on what was available on the WeBuyCars website at the time of writing.

We have also included the “category’ of the vehicle, as defined by WeBuyCars. Specifically, the category B definition which is “older, well used vehicles”.

1997 MG MGF 1.8 VVC – R42,900

This MG has 126,400km on the clock and is classed as category B.

Its red paint job and soft roof are complemented by an unknown service history.

Its Dekra report also includes notice of a “malfunction” of a right reverse light, brake light centre, and a right brake light.

2001 Volvo S80 T6 – R42,900

For under R43,000, you can own this stately Volvo sedan with 145,000km on the clock.

This category B car has an unverified service history, while its Dekra report states it has “noisy” front suspension, cracked tail lights, an engine oil leak, a gearbox oil leak, and many other “roadworthy relevant” issues.

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland – R42,900

This 2004 Jeep has been driven for 206,000km and is classed as category B.

Its service history is listed as “unknown” and its Dekra report named several problems with the car.

This includes the engine smoking, a cracked front control arm, a gearbox oil leak, and more.

2001 Mercedes-Benz C240 Elegance Auto – R43,900

While maroon may not be the most popular colour around, the Mercedes-Benz badge on this C-Class may be enough to sway you.

With 216,000km on the clock, this category B car comes with an unknown service history and several issues on its Dekra report.

This includes its engine management warning light being illuminated when the car is on.

2006 VW Citi Chico 1.4 – R44,900

You can own a South African icon for under R45,000 in the form of this VW Citi Chico.

It comes with 270,000km on the clock and an unknown service history – putting it into category B.

Drivers will also have to watch out for a missing accelerator pedal and “difficult gear selection”, according to its Dekra report.

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