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Friday / 27 May 2022
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All the ways you can use the new Ford Ranger’s load box

Ford is slowly releasing more details about the next-gen Ranger before order books open in Q2.

In the latest teaser, the company shows us all the new ways the bakkie’s load box can be used.

Most notably, the load box is now 50mm wider and supports up to 1,233 litres, making it one of the largest in the mid-size bakkie segment.

Additionally, six structural attachment points, moulded bedliner slots, and tie-down mounts let you carry and attach a variety of loads to the new bakkie.


Customer input guided much of the design of the new Ranger and is responsible for the load box access step wrapping around the rear bumper.

The step is mounted with two steel braces, and allows owners to access the rear box with stable footing without tugging and possibly damaging the tailgate.

The tailgate, too, was another upgraded component for the next-gen Ford.

The easy-lift tailgate doubles as a workbench, with two clamp pockets concealed by spring-loaded caps. Additionally, a built-in ruler with 10mm increments on the models without drop-in bedliners is included.

However, those with drop-in bedliners incorporate functional divider locators where owners can create their own rear compartments with self-cut materials, whereas those without them do not.

Inside the box, you will find six tie-down spots along with two spring-loaded rails with adjustable cleats and tie-downs. The rails provides nine additional tie-down areas on each side.

Around the upper edges of the box, plastic capping hides the six structural attachment points made for aftermarket accessories, such as canopies and crossbars.

Rooftop platform mounts, load box lighting, and power sockets are also included, while Wildtrak models are fitted with aluminium side rails for added versatility.

If the option is ticked, a powered roller shutter will then be installed to let customers open and close the rear box using their key or an interior switch.


The focus on versatility continues in the cabin of the Ranger, with more storage space available thanks to a new centre console with dedicated storage compartments.

Furthermore, the rear seats offer spacious underseat storage options while also being able to fold completely flat.

For customers wanting to make use of electric equipment found in the 600 factory-backed aftermarket accessories provided by Ford, a pre-wired auxiliary switch bank was also installed.

“This allows customers to safely and easily add accessories such as light bars, work lights, warning beacons, loudspeakers, and other electrical equipment to their vehicle,” said Ford.

Finally, for the hardcore adventurers, the next-gen Ranger supports a dual-battery setup.

With this configuration, a secondary battery is capable of powering things like camp fridges, lighting, and tools without draining the main battery.


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