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Sunday / 26 June 2022
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50 photos of all the new Formula 1 cars racing in 2022

The first race of the 2022 Formula 1 season will take place this Sunday.

Not only are viewers eager to see if the epic battle between Mercedes-AMG and Red Bull will continue, this year also hosts the introduction of radical new regulations that necessitated an all-new car design.

The new cars are styled to facilitate closer racing, with the aim of providing more opportunities for overtaking.

What’s new for 2022

Notable design changes to the 2022 F1 cars include the addition of a new “rolled tip” wing, new wheel covers, new over-wheel winglets, a longer nose, a stronger chassis, and a four-finned front diffuser – which is reduced from five fins and redesigned to match the flowing shape of the new wing.

A major reason for the new design is to reduce the chaotic airflow these cars used to send out at the rear.

In 2021, F1 cars lost approximately 35% of their downforce when running three car lengths behind a leader, while at one car length losses stood at 47%.

Thanks to the 2022 cars’ new curvaceous looks, downforce are said to be 4% at three car lengths and 18% at one car length.

The cars

Shown below are the new cars that will race in the 2022 F1 season.

It must be noted that these images were predominantly sourced from the teams’ respective launch events – and car design elements, colours, and sponsorship branding may have changed come race day.

The first race will take place this Sunday, 20 March, at the Bahrain International Circuit in Bahrain.

Alfa Romeo



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Red Bull


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