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Wednesday / 19 June 2024
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Best-selling hatchbacks in South Africa

The Suzuki Swift was South Africa’s best-selling hatchback in June, with 1,925 units finding new owners.

The Swift continues to be the brand’s most popular vehicle, as it is not only last month’s best-selling hatch, but also the best-selling car overall.

Second was the ever-popular VW Polo Vivo  – the most affordable hatch from the German automaker.

Third on the podium is a new entry in the shape of the Toyota Starlet, which launched just over a month ago.

In fourth position is the VW Polo, offering an upgrade over the cheaper Vivo derivative, and fifth place went to the Kia Picanto, the most affordable small car made by the South Korean manufacturer.

Other popular hatches included the likes of Hyundai, Renault, and Opel with models such as the Atos, Kwid, and Corsa.

An interesting comparison is also between the Toyota Starlet and the Suzuki Baleno, which were released in the same timeframe, are similarly priced, and have identical drivetrains.

The Baleno was the 11th best-selling hatch last month, compared to the Starlet’s position as number three, which could be the result of the Swift’s dominance as well as South African’s love for the Toyota badge.

The hatchbacks

Below are the 15 best-selling crossovers in South Africa for June 2022.

Click on the underlined prices for more information.

1. Suzuki Swift – 1,925 units

2. VW Polo Vivo – 1,619 units

3. Toyota Starlet – 1,574 units

4. VW Polo – 1,461 units

5. Kia Picanto – 964 units

6. Hyundai Atos – 787 units

7. Renault Kwid – 638 units

8. Suzuki S-Presso – 568 units

9. Opel Corsa – 514 units

10. Kia Rio – 458 units

11. Suzuki Baleno – 340 units

12. Hyundai i20 – 317 units

13. Hyundai Grand i10 – 253 units

14. Toyota Agya – 207 units

15. Suzuki Celerio – 194 units

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