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Friday / 24 May 2024
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What not to do after a car accident

After being in a car accident there are numerous actions you absolutely must take, like making sure everyone is safe, taking photos, and staying put until the police arrive.

But there are also several things that could have wide-reaching and unintended consequences which you preferably shouldn’t do.

Naked Insurance breaks down the dos and don’ts you should be aware of just in case you are ever involved in a car crash, be it your own fault or someone else’s.


Following an accident, especially where someone was injured or property was seriously damaged, it’s important not to leave the scene until the authorities have arrived. Also, do not move your vehicle unless you are told to do so by the police or if it poses a safety hazard to other people on the road.

If someone was seriously hurt during the ordeal, refrain from moving them as this could put them at even more risk; and call an ambulance or emergency services with haste.

“Get an ambulance on scene as soon as possible. Your insurer’s emergency roadside assist can help with that and should be available 24/7,” said Naked.


The “single most important” thing you can do after being in an accident is to remain calm as it could “literally save lives,” according to Naked

After the dust has settled, rationally evaluate the situation to see if someone is injured, if an offence has been committed, or if a state vehicle or property has been damaged. In any of these scenarios, you are obligated to call the police and stay on site until they arrive and dismiss you.

Provided there are no injuries or damage to property, the next step is to check if your car is still driveable, and more importantly, if it’ll get you back home or to the nearest police station safely.

“Sometimes the answer is obvious but if you aren’t entirely sure, rather play it safe and contact your insurer’s towing services,” said Naked.

If a tow truck must be called, you may find that numerous drivers arrive within minutes which can be intimidating to deal with.

One thing to remember that is of vital importance: “Don’t make use of the first service provider that appears on the scene, even if they claim to be from your insurer,” said Naked.

Your car isn’t going anywhere, so take a few extra minutes to call your insurer’s emergency hotline and ask for towing assistance and how to identify the truck it’s sending.

Once this is all out of the way, it’s time to start taking as many photos as possible of the accident scene, especially if someone else was involved.

This includes number plates, license disks, street names, and any other landmarks close by. Ask all other drivers involved for photos of their driver’s licence, too.

Also, pay attention to any CCTV cameras in the area which may have recorded the incident.

“Your memory of the incident may become a bit fuzzy once the initial shock wears off, but your phone will remember important details weeks after the incident,” said Naked.

Of equal importance, take down the names and contact details of the other parties and any and all witnesses, which will assist if you feel the crash wasn’t your fault.

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