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Friday / 24 May 2024
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How many cars Ford sold in South Africa in 2023

Ford had an incredible year in South Africa in 2023, selling a total of 30,650 new cars while also launching several new models and celebrating a major milestone.

The Blue Oval averaged 2,554 purchases per month over the entire year, making it one of the country’s top automakers alongside names like Toyota, VW, and Suzuki.

A year worth celebrating

Last year marked the 100th anniversary of the American auto giant’s presence in South Africa, which it documented with the release of fascinating stats and photos showing its evolution here over the decades.

The brand’s popularity has clearly not waned over the years as it still manages to pull in thousands of new customers each month, which you can see in the breakdown below, as detailed by Naamsa’s vehicle sales reports:

  1. January – 1,661 units
  2. February – 2,499 units
  3. March – 2,933 units
  4. April – 2,804 units
  5. May – 2,491 units
  6. June – 2,514 units
  7. July – 2,500 units
  8. August – 2,724 units
  9. September – 2,807 units
  10. October – 2,318 units
  11. November – 2,910 units
  12. December – 2,489 units

It will come as little surprise for many to learn that the Ford Ranger was the most popular vehicle from the company in 2023, having made its debut right at the end of the previous year.

This is also the likely reason as to why January’s sales are lower than the others, as the initial stock of the long-awaited next-gen bakkie was quickly scooped up by motorists, with units becoming easier to get with each passing month.

In total the Ranger sold a tremendous 24,618 units making it the second most popular car in the country after the Toyota Hilux.

It also means the bakkie accounted for 80.3% of the manufacturer’s output, thanks in no small part to the continued rollout of new models like the single and super cabs, the Wildtrak X, and of course, the high-performance Raptor.

No other Ford vehicle made it into the top 20 cars purchased in 2023, but the Ranger is clearly doing more than enough to justify the carmaker’s presence here.

It’s worth highlighting, though, that the company has seen major changes to its selection over the past year, as its passenger vehicle line-up has shrunk considerably.

It is now chiefly carried by the Everest SUV – based on the Ranger – though this was recently supplemented with the launch of the new Puma crossover, and the midsize Territory SUV is also scheduled to land in 2024 to cater to another popular segment.

On the other hand, the EcoSport was officially retired and it has now been some time since the brand’s hatchbacks were pulled from stores, making it clear that Ford’s priority these days is its high-riding bakkies and SUVs.

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