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Thursday / 30 June 2022
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TopAuto – Where automotive enthusiasts are reached

TopAuto is the best place for your company to reach South African car enthusiasts and buyers.

Its large audience of over 340,000 passionate motoring fans makes TopAuto one of South Africa’s leading automotive websites.

This audience comprises many high-LSM readers who are involved in the purchasing decisions of their homes, including:

  • 115,760 Main Decision Makers
  • 173,193 Joint Decision Makers

These readers are also highly influential within their places of work, as they hold the following positions:

  • CEO/Director – 10,637
  • Business Owner – 46,270
  • Senior Management – 38,303
  • Middle Management – 75,904
  • Junior Management – 43,992

TopAuto’s rich news content attracts this influential audience, as do its useful tools, which include a comprehensive Car Prices feature and its handy Driving Cost Calculator portal.

Front page exposure

TopAuto can provide your brand with a range of advertising solutions, including front-page coverage to put your brand in the spotlight.

Its core advertising products include:

  • Sponsored Articles with Social Media Promotions
  • Site Takeovers
  • Display Banners

These advertising options make it easy for car companies, retailers, finance houses, and dealerships to reach TopAuto’s powerful audience.

They produce the best ROI through great exposure, reach, and engagement.

TopAuto’s marketing team will help you reach your advertising goals by taking care of your campaign – including the execution and management of your booking.

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